I launched a new blog a few months ago, and I started writing in in pretty diligently, though that feeling has now passed.

I started it because I wanted to be able to write without editing myself for some people I know might occasionally read this blog. However, I’ve since discovered that I don’t really feel the need to post many NSFW posts (see my bro Meat for those!), and I really don’t care all that much who sees what I write about here. Most readers are my friends or (I suppose) random or potential employers. I’d rather not scare the latter off, but I’d also prefer they get a more or less accurate (if incomplete) picture of me, warts and all (but there are no actual warts. Really). If I really get a hankering to hide something, I’ll just publish a Private post, I guess.

So, I’ve imported the other posts from the other joint and pointed that URL here, too. If you didn’t know it, you still won’t. That’s okay.

I hope to start posting more here again. Now that I’m writing for a living again (sortof), I think I’m more inclined to write AT ALL, so maybe some of it will trickle over here into Non-Work Land. We’ll see.

Q2 Resolutions

As the Q1 resolution results were a little disappointing, Q2’s resolutions will be a bit more manageable. So, to get right to the resolutions:

  • Fish more: Went fishing today. It was windy. We didn’t catch many. The ones we did catch were smallish. It was a freakin’ blast. I feel much better physically (though I’ll be a bit sore tomorrow, as we did a lot of hiking in river gravel and some bank crawling and sliding, plus a load of double-hauling into the wind) and mentally (fishing and exericise always make me feel better in the head). It’s a win-win.
  • Write more: In college I wrote a lot of fiction. As a reporter, I wrote a lot of non-fiction (of a particular kind). While I don’t really miss being a reporter, I do miss the writing. For several years now, a friend and I have said we were going to writing and photograph (he’s the photographer) some flyfishing articles. Well, we finally got off our asses and did it. We submitted some ideas and some work and ended up (so far) with assignments for two short pieces and a feature-length piece. Our trip today was for the first short one, due in about six weeks. I’ll update on this as events warrant. But, I have actual, real impetus to write more. So, I’m going to write every day for at least a half hour. There’s a good chance a lot of it will be blogging, too.
  • Cook more: This might get derailed somewhat by our ongoing kitchen remodel, but I want to do more cooking. A lot of the cooking for the next four to six weeks will be grilling and/or salads. Sure, I “cook” most nights (well, all the ones we don’t eat out or get take-out), but lately it’s been more about assembling sustenance rather than cooking. Tonight, I made Ginger Tamari Grilled Flank Steak, Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, and Sesame Soy Green Beans. It was Gooo-ood. I should really do more of that.
  • Clean more: We sometimes have a tendency to let the housework go in the face of busy lives and a busy three-year-old. It really affects my mental health to do that, though. I get stressed-out when things are messy. I’m going to try to take the time to clean things up each evening, and do at least one “big” cleaning job per day.

That’s it. I think it covers a lot of aspects of my personal life, though. On re-reading the list, it looks like I seriously need to de-stress. So, I’ve made it a goal, too. See you in three months for the results.