I’m considering a redesign of this site. Not of the look of the core part, but conceptually, as in spinning off some subsites on particular topics. Of course, that would require that I actually write something every now and then…
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new freelance gig, part 2

I’ve started working on a ground-up new site for Ripple Outfitters, a local flyfishing, hunting, and adventure travel business. I’m completely rebuilding their site with a new LAMP backend, new hosting, and a new design. I’m also adding ecommerce functionality in phase 2. It’s still in placeholder mode, but the first phase should launch within the next two weeks.

new freelance gig

If final negotiations go well, I may have picked up a big new freelance gig. It’ll be a challenging and fun project that’s quite a bit different (though with enough similarities to still be in comfortable territory) than the stuff I do at work. I’m looking foward to getting plans finalized and getting started on it. I’ll have more details if things work out.