kudzu design

I finally launched a bare-bones website for my web consulting business, Kudzu Design. I’ve been getting enough inquiries and interest in my freelance work to justify it. The site is pretty bare now (and probably needs another ruthless edit), but I’ll be adding additional content as time permits.

It's the Users, Stupid

It’s always nice to read a good article on web usability that talks about the differences in browsing habits and skills between web power users (most of us web developers) and the rabble. Design for the rabble in public spaces, I think, is the key here. I’m working on a partial redesign of some sites at work, and I really need to keep this in mind. When we had the big badness in August, I redesigned all of our sites in about a week. That I did it that fast AND did it in CSS (no tables to speak of) was fairly impressive. However, some of my design decisions weren’t good ideas or well-reasoned. I’m now going back and re-examining some of those decisions as I fix some things. It’s more than a tweak, yet less than a full-blown redesign.

This is what Scott McCloud was talking about!

Spiders (an e-sheep comic) is a great representation of what cool stuff you can do online with comics. It’s an interesting, high-tech alternate history of the Afghan war. Part 3 is especially cool in its presentation. Part 4 is forthcoming. Go now and read.

Then, send Patrick S. Farley some cash via the handy PayPal links. I’m transferring some money to my PayPal account now, so I can send some to him. I’ve donated to several online publications and software developers lately. It makes me feel good, paying for stuff that I use and/or enjoy. It’ll make you feel good, too.