Promotional items

So, I’m looking at getting some promotional items for the bidness (especially some custom stickers). Mostly, I want to have stickers for our cars, and The Boy is sticker crazy these days. But, I’ve also considered getting custom labels for the few times I have to snail mail things. My handwriting is teh suck, so having kudzu design labels would be extra snazzy.

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eveready t-shirtI’ve gotten caught up in the latest hipster craze for t-shirts. Due to sites like Preshrunk and threadless, I’ve now got all sorts of lovely t-shirt porn rolling through my RSS reader every day. If there were more cool shirts available to fit my svelte 2XL self, I’d probably be significantly poorer. I do okay, though. I think next on the list is the (probably not legal) Eveready shirt pictured to the right. [via Preshrunk, of course]