I launched a new blog a few months ago, and I started writing in in pretty diligently, though that feeling has now passed.

I started it because I wanted to be able to write without editing myself for some people I know might occasionally read this blog. However, I’ve since discovered that I don’t really feel the need to post many NSFW posts (see my bro Meat for those!), and I really don’t care all that much who sees what I write about here. Most readers are my friends or (I suppose) random or potential employers. I’d rather not scare the latter off, but I’d also prefer they get a more or less accurate (if incomplete) picture of me, warts and all (but there are no actual warts. Really). If I really get a hankering to hide something, I’ll just publish a Private post, I guess.

So, I’ve imported the other posts from the other joint and pointed that URL here, too. If you didn’t know it, you still won’t. That’s okay.

I hope to start posting more here again. Now that I’m writing for a living again (sortof), I think I’m more inclined to write AT ALL, so maybe some of it will trickle over here into Non-Work Land. We’ll see.