Crash. Purge. Rebuild

Well, not really, but I changed hosts because my last host’s service and performance suddenly went WAY downhill. In the process (mostly due to problems on their end), I couldn’t recover all my blog entries from early January through April. Luckily, I’ve nearly stopped blogging of late due to real life, so I only dropped a few. I’ll replace the important ones at some point.

Brad Choate MT plug-ins

Brad Choate has a pile of cool-lookingMovable Type plug-ins. I’m way behind the curve on all the groovy stuff people are doing with MT. It’s amazing how this blogging tool has really taken off in the 10 months or so it’s been around. When I volunteered to beta-test it last fall, I just thought it seemed like a cool little blogging tool. I didn’t anticipate actually using it (I was planning to roll my own in php). Ben and Mena have really created something amazing with MT, and not just the tool itself, but the community of users and developers that has sprung (sprang? springded?) up around it.

a more accessible

For the last month, Mark Pilgrim’s 30 days to a more accessible weblog has a been topic of conversation among web designers. While I’ve followed many of the discussions, I haven’t implemented many of Mark’s ideas. Until today. As of today, this site is about as accessible as I can make it in one evening’s worth of work.

For an overview of the changes I’ve made, visit the accessibility overview, which will be permanently linked on all pages shortly.