Leo McKern RIP

Leo McKern, who starred as Rumpole in the British TV series, Rumpole of the Bailey,has died. My wife and I had read all the Rumpole books before seeing the TV series, and McKern WAS Rumpole. RIP.

Kitty Maki

kitty maki is the shiznit! I MUST have some! Amazing handwoven functional art that achieves three things of greatness: (1) denigrates cats (I despise them), (2) glorfies sushi (I love it), and (3) gives you a place to store your TP (I find it useful).

Jumping the Shark

The other day, I was watching Happy Days on cable. It was the episode from late in the show’s run where the Fonz is water skiing while wearing his leather jacket. While skiing, a shark appears, and Fonzie has to use a ramp to jump over the shark and escape. I realized that the episode must be the source for the phrase “jump the shark” (which, in TV talk, represents the point at which a TV has outlived its usefulness). According to this story, I’m right. I love it when that happens.