Do you hate telemarketers?

Well, I do, too. Check out the Counter-Telemarketing page for some great information and fun tactics. Our fair state (Arkansas) has a stateside don’t-call list that I’m on, and our telemarketing calls have gone down, though we got a barrage of long, annoying automated calls during the recent primary elections. One campaign in particular (he lost) got a nasty phone call from me for spamming my answering machine with pitches. I enjoyed voting against him.

Leavin' on a jet plane…

As much as I dislike the Shrub, I’m not sure I’m ready to do this. I mean, I own a house (well, I pay a mortgage and pay to get stuff fixed in the house I inhabit), I have a wife who wouldn’t want to leave since she has actual friends and a job that she likes (though I like mine, okay, too). I don’t speak any other languages (despite four semesters of college French and a wife who’s a high school German teacher), and I’m not sure how many web developers they need in any country where I might possibly want to live. Of the countries that ironminds didn’t discuss, I wish they had explored: Sweden (or any other Scandinavian country): good furnishings, lots of cell phones, doesn’t get as hot as it does here; Iceland: Bjork, cold *and* volcanoes; Japan: SUSHI!, good design, (however, I don’t think you can gain Japanese citizenship, plus I don’t speak Japanese), and maybe a few others (Australia? LOTS of poisonous snakes, blistering heat). Anyway, I’m not leaving, though the idea is worth daydreaming about occasionally.