Ozarks at Large podcast

Our local NPR station, KUAF 91.3FM is now podcasting a great local show, Ozarks at Large. Ozarks at Large covers a wide range of interesting topics, witness the description of this week’s show:

On this edition of Ozarks at Large…we spend an afternoon with the defending world champion drum and bugle corps and get the latest on the study of the New Madrid Fault.


WARNING: I added the above link before actually downloading the podcast. It turns out that it’s not really a “podcast” after all. Rather, it’s an RSS feed of links to pages where the shows can be listened to in a streaming WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. Blech. I sent them an email pointing out that such a beast isn’t a “podcast” at all. Hopefully, they’ll rectify the situation soon.

UPDATE 2005.08.26: Looks like they finally got it up as an actual podcast. Excellent! I’m downloading a stack of episodes now.