My History Via Google Street View (Part I: The Early Years)

All of the houses I’ve ever lived in have now been photographed and tagged in Google Street View. Now, that might not sound like such a big deal if I hadn’t grown up in two little (pop. 6,000 and pop 9,500) towns in Arkansas. Real nowheresville sort of places (esp. Newport, as at least Batesville has a great little college, Lyon College). The effort required to document, input, and store that sort of data for the whole U.S. is pretty staggering. Should Google ever become evil (and some argue that it already has), we might be in (more) trouble (than we’re already in). But, in the interest of nothing much other than ego, I suppose, I mapped out all the houses I lived in growing up (but none of my family lives in now).

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Christmas, early 60s style

I’ve always loved this shot, and I finally got it from my mom and scanned it for my collection. It really pings my love for 60s design and culture. I’ll bet my grandmother was really proud of that tree. That’s my dad posing alongside it at their house in Newport, Arkansas. This was taken when he was in college, so some time in the early 60s.