record companies suck (pt. 1,567,444,764)

A few choice tidbits from a recent MusicDish article on recent Senate committee hearings about the record industry:

“Even after an artist has gone through the audit and has found recoverable money, they are expected to negotiate a settlement with the record company. Furthermore, their auditors are required to meet with label executives BEFORE they can release findings to their clients.”

and the even more astounding:

“In a shocking statement made by Back Street Boy, Kevin Richardson, he testified that they have NEVER received a royalty check.”

And the record companies (and their bitches) say that sharing music hurts the artists. Yeah, right.

Argh! Get it out of my head!

Has there ever been as insanely-infectious a song as the new Kylie Minogue song “Love at First Sight”?! I can’t get it out of my head. I can’t get it out of my iTunes…

Whoops… did I say that out loud? There goes what little indie cred I had left.