Movie Review: Leatherheads

Went to see the new George Clooney flick Leatherheads this weekend. I enjoyed it. I’ll give it a solid 3.5/5 stars. It was entertaining (the first requirement of any film), it had surprising depth, and it had Clooney.

Seriously, that man might be the only one that would get me to turn gay. Not really, but I thought I’d say something mildly titilating just to catch you sleeping.

But, Clooney does have appeal (he also co-write and directed this one). There are a number of famous men whose appeal covers women and men. Usually, men like them for different reasons. Just off the top of my head, I’ll list Clooney, Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds (the old Smokey and the Bandit era Burt, not whatever he’s become), and maybe Ahnold. Oh, and James Garner. Can’t forget Rockford/Maverick!

It also includes the always-entertaining Stephen Root (from News Radio and as the voice of Bill Dauterive on King of the Hill). Coulda used a bit more Root, actually. Also has some RenĂ©e Zellweger. I like her also, though she’s too skinny these days.

Anyway. Go read the real reviews and/or watch the trailers at Apple. It’s a thumbs-up from me, though, for whatever that’s worth.


Five Little Fishies: a cautionary tale a short film by Steven Jarvis

5littlefishies title picNot so hot on the heels of our last bit of cinema history comes Five Little Fishies: a cautionary tale. It is a tale of the sea. It is a tale of woe. It’s funny. It’s sad (if you’re a fishie). It’s mostly meant for the grandparents; it’s not as universally appealing as the last opus. (Just over two minutes long; 3.3MB in size; QuickTime necessary for viewing)

Winter Wonderland 2006: a short film by Steven Jarvis

WinterwonderlandMOV stillWe got a new DV camera (a Canon ZR300) Friday, and I shot a bunch of footage in the snow this weekend. I edited that down to a 3.3 minute move in iMovie HD which I’ve uploaded as a 5.6MB Quicktime movie called Winter Wonderland 2006. It’s mostly just shots of The Boy running around in the snow. Music by Jack Johnson

Went to see Planet of

Went to see Planet of the Apes today. I give it a B+. First, the good stuff. Visually very impressive. The sets are cool, the spaceships are pretty original designs (what little you see of them), the ape costumes/makeup kicks ass, and the ape city is more arboreal than in the original. The acting is excellent, especially Tim Roth’s Thade (the head bad-ape) and the lovely Helena Bonham-Carter, who remains lovely, even when all chimpy. They obviously spent a lot of time coaching the actors on ape behavior and the results are that the ape characters are sometimes just funny-looking humans and sometimes startlingly simian. They sniff each other a lot.

The bad stuff: iffy science (evolution doesn’t happen that fast, though the modified genetics could account for that some), iffy time-travel, iffy astrospace (“magnetic storms” in space that last thousands of years in the same spot and allow time travel?). So, basically, if you don’t do like me and over-analyze the science part of the sci-fi, you’ll enjoy it.