house update: MORE artwork

Starmotel printOkay, so more artwork! This is on the way to us now. It’s another excellent hand screened limited edition piece with a cool background. From the Coudal Partners Swapmeat site:

The Stars Motel, one of several vintage motels on Chicago’s Lincoln Avenue, was demolished last September, but its vibrant neon sign lives on in this bold daylgo-orange and black print by David Derr. David is an art director who photographs vintage signs as a hobby, then makes colorful silkscreen prints of his favorites. “I really enjoy working on the prints,” he says, but I never put much energy into selling them.” His “stars” print was printed in an edition of 35 on beautiful 100% cotton Arches Aquarelle archival paper.

Cool, huh? Actual in situ photos when it arrives, is framed, and is hung.

Stay tuned for even MORE artwork, this time: sculpture!