A tattoo I would consider

WiReD: Tat’s the Way Mac Heads Like It is about people with Macintosh tattoos. I’ve briefly considered getting a tattoo on occasion, but I’ve never done it. My problem isn’t getting the tattoo, but rather which tattoo to get. A tattoo represents a permanent part of you, and, frankly, there’s very little that’s truly permanent for me that I would want to commemorate with ink. However, a Macintosh tattoo comes closer than just about anything else in my life.

OS X Screen Shots

I always forget these, so I’m putting them here where I know I’ll be able to find them again:

Command-Option-Control-Shift-4: copy the crosshaired selection to memory.

Shift-Command-3: shoot the whole screen (both if you’re running a double display setup like I do at work)

Shift-Command-4: gives you crosshairs to select a chunk of the screen for the screenshot.

Also, with a third-party preferences pane like OrangePrefs (can’t find a link for it right now) or by using Terminal to get into the guts, you can set the screenshot format to various different file formats: TIFF (the default), JPEG, and PNG.

Software Update update

Apple fixed the potentional security hole in Software Update yesterday. This problem was only announced/discovered/revealed this week, and it was fixed within 72 hours of info on it hitting the web. Whether Apple had some folks pull a trip to Australia (obscure Microserfs reference) or whether they were already working on it and pushed it on out the door, they deserve a hat tip. Apple seems to be pretty much firing on all cylinders these days. Not bad considering that they were on the ropes (even by this Mac addict’s judgment) until Chairman Steve came home.

Cool: in addition to plugging the security hole, you can now use Software update from the command line. Try man softwareupdate for details.

Mac System 6.0 flashback

bremsstrahlung records has a way-cool Mac System 6.0 theme to its website, which fits in perfectly with its minimalist electronica products. It took me back to 1990 and my first Mac (a brand-spankin’ new Mac Classic, which I bought about a month before the MUCH faster Classic II came out).

Mac lovin'

In his recent-ish article, The Changing Mac Communityfor O’reilly’s Mac Dev Center, Derrick Story pretty much sums up how I feel about the state of Apple and Mac OS X:

Whether you’re a big fan of Mac OS X or its most ardent critic, think about this: Do you remember how life in our community was before the return of Steve Jobs, the iMac, and Mac OS X?

What I remember was: the sneering PC establishment, bad newspaper headlines, huge quarterly losses, and doggone-it, beige boxes just as ugly as the Windoz garden variety. In the case of Power Computing, even uglier.

Now we’re on the cover of Time magazine, have three of the coolest computers of all time, we’re maintaining profits in a terrible economy, and arguably, have created the most exciting, controversial operating system ever implemented on a broad scale.

The article is interesting, but it’s mostly quotes from Mac users (both new and old) about the changes Apple has undergone due to Mac OS X. Still, it’s worth the read.