Mac Users the "gays" of the computing world?

Polytrope’s Dead Again article about how PC uses view Mac users is good, but has a very interesting bit at the bottom:

“I can’t help feeling that Mac users are the gays of the personal computing world. Our existence itself makes ‘straight’ PC users uncomfortable. There’s something about the Mac OS that seems to PC users subtly vicious, something that causes straight users to suspect that we all have some sort of DTD (digitally transmitted disease) that is bound to kill us off and might be contagious.”

I think the analogy is more accurate than I did at first glance. It’s stretching it somewhat (e.g., I don’t think anyone’s ever been beaten to death for using a Mac), but the basic analogy works.

More fun with iCal

Despite its shortcomings (I’m looking forward to the 1.1 release), the whole iCal “system” is pretty cool. Several websites have sprung up around iCal.

iCal Exchange is a free service where you can publish your iCal calendars so that others may subscribe to them. It serves as an alternative to Apple’s pricey .Mac service (which has some good features, just not $100/year worth).

iCalShare is a directory/bulletinboard for posting links to iCal calendars published elsewhere. They’ve got a hundred or so already. They also have a great page of links to other iCal resources.

Also, there’s an iCal blog, which covers news, updates, tips, etc. for iCal, but I can’t for the life of me find it right now. I’ll upate this post when I come across it again.

I created an Arkansas Razorbacks Football calendar, published it on iCal Exchange, and posted it to iCalShare.