Kitchen remodel

So, we’re remodeling our kitchen. Earlier this year, we sorta started looking around at houses and discovered that the housing market in Northwest Arkansas is nearly as crazy as it is in other areas of the country (like California). We could probably get close to twice (TWICE!) what we paid for our house in 2000 if we sold it. Of course, we STILL wouldn’t be able to afford to replace it, so we’ve decided to stay in it for another 5-7 years (which was the original plan in the first place — to live here for 10-15 years).

But, in order for us to actually enjoy living here during that time, we need a new kitchen. We love our little mid-century modern abode, but it’s 42 years old and parts of it are showing its age. Since moving in, we’ve remodeled both bathrooms, added central air conditioning, replaced the furnace, added new flooring to all the common living areas, changed some light fixtures, etc. The last big interior thing we want to do is fix the kitchen. And so it began last weekend.

I’ve posted some “before” pictures to my Flickr account, and I’ll be adding construction photos, and “after” photos as the project progresses. It’ll be stressful, but we’ll be SO happy when it’s over. Stand by…