Kitchen Remodel: Day 1

Our old kitchen is GONE. See pics up on the Flickr. They:

  • Tore out our cabinets,
  • Tore out our bar and built-in desk (both of which will be replaced),
  • Replaced our kitchen window,
  • Replaced our sliding glass door in the dining room,
  • Moved the laundry closet door (an ancient accordion door) to a different part of the house where a similar but damaged door hung to replace the broken one,
  • (mostly) put in some bi-fold doors on the laundry closet, and
  • ripped out a wall of paneling that we’re having sheetrocked.

Tomorrow, they’ll finish up the laundry closet doors, replace a chunk of the floor decking that was water damaged (thanks to our leaky but soon-to-be-replaced dishwasher), fine-tune the new sliding glass door and screen door, and rip out our crappy sheet linoleum floor. I think that’s it.

Kitchen Remodel: into the breach!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re remodeling our kitchen. So far, we’ve:

  1. ordered our cabinets (Venicia by KraftMaid (Lustra Collection in Capri Honey Maple — you’ll see in the pictures),
  2. picked out flooring (Armstrong EXCELON Imperial VCT Tiles in “Little Green Apples”)
  3. picked out countertop material (Wilsonart laminate that looks like brushed aluminum)
  4. ordered some new light fixtures (don’t have web links for them)
  5. bought a new window and sliding glass door (boring Pella vinyl replacement windows)

Tomorrow: the demolition begins. Pictures to follow.

Kitchen remodel

So, we’re remodeling our kitchen. Earlier this year, we sorta started looking around at houses and discovered that the housing market in Northwest Arkansas is nearly as crazy as it is in other areas of the country (like California). We could probably get close to twice (TWICE!) what we paid for our house in 2000 if we sold it. Of course, we STILL wouldn’t be able to afford to replace it, so we’ve decided to stay in it for another 5-7 years (which was the original plan in the first place — to live here for 10-15 years).

But, in order for us to actually enjoy living here during that time, we need a new kitchen. We love our little mid-century modern abode, but it’s 42 years old and parts of it are showing its age. Since moving in, we’ve remodeled both bathrooms, added central air conditioning, replaced the furnace, added new flooring to all the common living areas, changed some light fixtures, etc. The last big interior thing we want to do is fix the kitchen. And so it began last weekend.

I’ve posted some “before” pictures to my Flickr account, and I’ll be adding construction photos, and “after” photos as the project progresses. It’ll be stressful, but we’ll be SO happy when it’s over. Stand by…

Rat bastards

Apparently, I will sleep before the floor is done. It’s 12:12am, and I’ve got four rows of planks left to install, but I’m five boards short of that. Did I waste a bunch of boards, you ask? No, I ended up with only maybe three boards total of unusable scrap due to having to cut around things. We’re supposed to have enough boards to cover the square footage plus one box (8 boards). But, the incompetent salesperson we dealt with at Ozark Floors in Fayetteville, Arkansas didn’t order enough or didn’t measure the space correctly. This is just the latest example of his incompetence. He also failed to order enough moulding, didn’t order any of the mounting track for the moulding, didn’t tell us we needed an expansion joint (which facilitated ordering even more moulding), and I can’t remember what else, but there’s at lease one more thing. And in return, he offers apologies. Great. I don’t want apologies, I WANT SHIT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST FUCKING TIME!

We chose to use Ozark Floors instead of Lowe’s or Home Depot because they had done such a good job installing one of our friends’ floors. We thought, sure, we’ll pay a little more, but we’ll get knowledgable help and great service. Yeah, right.

So, instead of having our new floor look great when my in-laws arrive Sunday, we’ll have a three-foot-wide strip of subfloor running along the front of our front room. In fact, we’ll have that for the next week, while more flooring planks are ordered.