house update: MORE artwork

Starmotel printOkay, so more artwork! This is on the way to us now. It’s another excellent hand screened limited edition piece with a cool background. From the Coudal Partners Swapmeat site:

The Stars Motel, one of several vintage motels on Chicago’s Lincoln Avenue, was demolished last September, but its vibrant neon sign lives on in this bold daylgo-orange and black print by David Derr. David is an art director who photographs vintage signs as a hobby, then makes colorful silkscreen prints of his favorites. “I really enjoy working on the prints,” he says, but I never put much energy into selling them.” His “stars” print was printed in an edition of 35 on beautiful 100% cotton Arches Aquarelle archival paper.

Cool, huh? Actual in situ photos when it arrives, is framed, and is hung.

Stay tuned for even MORE artwork, this time: sculpture!

House update: artwork

So, last year we remodeled a significant chunk of our house. Our little modern house was built in 1964, and the kitchen had only been semi-updated over the years (and in the 80s, to, um, not great effect), so we put in a new kitchen and did a lot of other work. I’ll post some more about that later, but, nearly a year later, we’re still working on the interior. Now, we’re down to decorating and accessorizing. Recently, we’ve acquired some swank artwork, and that’s what this post is about.

Lustig Gatsby printThe first piece is a cool post of a book cover by Alvin Lustig. Al- who? Alvin Lustig was a great illustrator and designer in the 20s and 30s and 40s who died prematurely in HIS 40s in the, erm, 40s. I think. In any event, he was marvelously talented and died way too young. He was well-known for his excellent book covers, and he illustrated some of the best books published during that period, including F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, which just happens to be my wife’s favorite novel. Luckily, I saw on Swiss Miss that they were producing a limited-edition serious of hand-screen prints of four of Lustig’s book covers. Also luckily, it was the week before Valentine’s Day, and I was drawing a blank for a gift for The Wife. So, I ordered the Lustig Gatsby print for her, which, as one might surmise, she loved. It’s currently out being framed (still), but there’s a pic that shows what it looks like. More pics when we get it hung.

Stay tuned for more art!

Kitchen Remodel: Day… aw, screw it

No. Our kitchen still isn’t done. No. We’re not sure when it will be. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have forgotten what it’s like to eat a home-cooked meal.

The floor went in last week (see the flickr link at right for some photos). The countertops — which were delayed by almost three weeks — are scheduled to go in next Wednesday (May 25th). THEN, we can put in the dishwasher and sink and whatnot. The kitchen will then be at least fully functional.

We had an actual interior designer come by last night for a “color consultation.” Because our home is basically one big room with some bedrooms and bathrooms hung off of it, fixing up the kitchen and dining room sorta made the living room look shabby. So, we’re going to paint and get some new furniture. More details on that to come.

Kitchen Remodel: Day 16

The electrical is DONE!

Well, we still have a couple of light fixtures to install, but they won’t be here for another couple of weeks and we probably won’t even put them up until after painting, anyway.

We got appliances this weekend. The fridge is operational. All I had to do was run the water line for the ice and water dispenser. It’s awesome having filtered ice (cubed and crushed) and water in the door. So nice.

The microwave/hood will be professionally installed this week. The sales guy at Lowe’s told The Wife that I’d have “no problem” installing the dishwasher myself. Now, I consider myself decently handy around the house, but I am in no way qualified to install a dishwasher. Hopefully, that will be done this week, too, so we can wash dishes (even if we don’t have a sink).

Pics at the usual place.