Q1 Resolution results are mixed

I’ll say right off the top that my Q1 resolutions were way too ambitious. That being said, I made a little headway. I’ll have the Q2 resolutions up by April 1st.

  • eat better:: eh. I did technically eat better, but I need to do better still. I lost about 5 lbs. in the first quarter. I plan to lose 20 lbs in Q2, mostly by eating better. We’ll see how it goes. I’m getting back on the whole grains – fruits – vegetables – lean meats bandwagon. We’re about to start remodeling our kitchen, so maybe I’ll eat more salads (since I won’t have a working stove).
  • exercise more: yeah, right. I can blame it on the bad weather all day, but the truth is that I’m just lazy. I’ve stepped it up a little, though, and I hope to continue that. I’m shooting for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.
  • read more good stuff: Sorta happened. I read six novels in Q1, though only one or two might qualify as “literature.” Still, I’d call this one a success.
  • get offline more: I got at least one “computer-free” weekend in, and reduced my time online on other weekends. Weekdays were still pretty busy, though.
  • sleep more: Not enough.
  • Go fishing!: Not NEARLY enough. But, I did spend more time tying flies and at least THINKING about fishing. I should be able to achieve this goal in Q2, so it’s staying on the list.
  • make some music: Didn’t happen, but I’m okay with it. I got to express some creativity via some other outlets, so I’m okay with it. Not a focus for Q2, either.

So, overall, I’d give myself a D+ for Q1. Let’s see if I can improve in Q2. Those resolutions coming up soon.

Q1 2006 Resolutions

My good friend Wheatbread recently brought up the idea of “quarterly resolutions” — as opposed to “New Year’s Resolutions.” For Wheat, the concept is that a resolution that you intend to hold to for an entire year is just too daunting, like losing 100 lbs. (more on that in a minute), but a quarterly or seasonal resolution is much more realistic and doable.

I’ve held off making any resolutions — New Year’s or otherwise — because I’m notoriously bad at keeping them. Why bother if I know I’m going to fail? But, I’ve come to a few realizations or decisions that have put me in the mind to make some resolutions. And resolutions tend to stick better if you announce them publicly.

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