I return, victorious, from my European conquest, whereupon I did indeed tour much of southern and eastern Germany (including the majestic formerly-walled city of Berlin) and managed to avoid doing any of the following to a teenager:

  1. wring neck,
  2. assault with a broken beer bottle, or
  3. throw in front of (ubiquitous) speeding U Bahn Train.

I did:

  1. call one (or more) “asshole” (sometimes repeatedly and with feeling),
  2. call one (or several) “dumbass” or “stupid-ass” (when dumbass started sound repetitive),
  3. swear off of leading stupid-ass asshole teenagers through Europe.

The rest of them weren’t half bad, though.

More to follow as I sleep and become less jetlagged.


So, week before last I was in Minneapolis for training and meetings and top secret stuff for my new job. The company I work for is based in Mpls, but I work here in NWA. Mpls was fun!

Great city. I could totally live there… from May to September. Not so sure about the other seven months (known colloquially in Mpls as “winter”).

Next week, I’ll be in Germany. The Wife and I are escorting a gaggle of high school students on a four-city tour of Deutschland. Should be fun. I’ve never been to Europe, so I’m looking forward to it.

Some Mpls pics are already in the Flickr queue up there at the top of the page. Photos from Germany will join it next week.

I’ll be incommunicado until the 24th. Those of you who need to be able to reach me already know how.

The Jet Set

I reached into my wallet today to pay for lunch and realized the only cash I had on me was Euros.

Yes, I’m preparing to leave the good ol’ U.S. of A. and go to Germany. I’ll be gone all next week. Here’s hoping my housesitter doesn’t wreck the joint.

No posts until I get back, and then maybe some photos and stories to tell.