OUTPUT v1.0 MacBook shotLast Wednesday night was the first in what will hopefully be a long string of monthly electronic musics shows I participate in. We had a good crowd (nearly tripling the Dart Room’s usual Wednesday night crowd) and got some really positive feedback.

My set was okay. I got blindsided by some stagefright at the beginning (which is weird, because I’ve done this a bazillion times, though not lately), but it evened out. I got a lot of compliments on my set, too, which was nice. I definitely need to rehearse it better before the next one, and I also plan to add at least a couple of new songs (and maybe ditch one that didn’t work as well as I had hoped). In any event, it was a good time, and I’m really fired up about music again!

There are a few pics that I took, and I hope to some others (several people took pictures) up, too.

live electronic music

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve gotten back into producing music again, this time electronic music under the moniker “Iterate” (also spelled in the geek fashion as “i++”). There’s an Iterate website (not much there yet — mostly just a link to my myspace.com page) and also the group of like-minded (sort of!) musicians at cloudwave.network (website, designed by me, here).

Four of us are playing live next Wednesday (June 7th) at the Dart Room, in Fayetteville. No cover. Should be at least mildly interesting. My set for this show is mostly instrumental synthpop, though I’ve been working in other (sub)genres lately, too.