Dungeons & Dragons: 4th time around

Because I’m fast approaching old fart status, I’ve been playing roleplaying games (off and on) for over 25 years. It’s difficult to describe how they’ve affected me growing up. Hell, I have a hard time even figuring it out myself. I DO know, however, that playing RPGs with a close-knit group of friends in junior high and school almost certainly kept me (mostly) away from drugs and other sorts of stupidity that are all most kids had to stave off boredom in small-town America in the 80s. I saw plenty of my other classmates (and a few who peeled off from our gaming group) get wrapped up in drugs (meth, anyone?) or alcohol or crime. Some never recovered. Some died because of those things. So I owe at least a small part of my life to nerdy stuff keeping me off the streets on Saturday nights. Thanks, Gary.

But, today is about good stuff, specifically: the release of Dungeons & Dragons, 4th edition. Thought I tend to play mostly Burning Wheel these days (especially for high octane gritty fantasy) I’m liking 4e so far, and I’m looking forward to playing it with my gaming group when we want to bring the big-action high-fantasy awesome.