101 Days of Dungeons & Dragons

So, I’m playing a lot of roleplaying games these days. I grew up playing mostly Dungeons & Dragons and Top Secret (an espionage RPG), starting in 1981 (at band camp — I am the uber-geek). I played all through junior high and high school (probably kept me off drugs) and some in college. I mostly too a break from around 1990 through last year (2004) though I kept up with things pretty well until about 2000 or so.

When I started again last year, I immediately jumped into a lot of indie RPGs (Sorcerer, Burning Wheel, others) because that sort of game just wasn’t around when I was playing before, and I wanted to check them out. I ended up learning a lot about what I want out of roleplaying from them over the last year, especially Burning Wheel.

Toward the end of this past summer, I took about six weeks off. I had a couple of crappy sessions, and our group was getting too large and disorganized. And my planned trip to GenCon (the mother of all gaming conventions) got cancelled due to work and a leaky roof. I was pretty disheartened about the whole RPG thing, something that I got back into in order to have some fun, right? So, I decided to reboot my RPG experience.

I started up a 3.5e Dungeons & Dragons game as sort of a “palate cleanser.” But, I discovered that despite some misgivings with the d20 system (and they’re problems I can rout around, for the most part), I’m really enjoying it! I’m running in Wizard’s new(ish) Eberron campaign setting, which I really love. I’m struggling a little with the rules as there are LOTS of them these days, and all of my experience is with 1st ed. Ad vanced Dungeons & Dragons and some 2nd edition. I’m also struggling with being a full-time GM again, something I’ve only done sparingly in the past year and not at all before that since college, though I was the primary (say 95% of the time) GM of my group in high school.

So, in the spirit of some “101 Days of…” threads on the RPG.net forums, I’m going to do a 101 days of 3.5e Dungeons & Dragons. I’m going to GM and study nothing but 3.5 edition Dungeons & Dragons from today (Sunday, November 13, 2005) through Wednesday, February 22, 2006. My foci are going to be:

  1. learning (mastering) the rules of D&D 3.5e
  2. getting a really good handle on the Eberron campaign setting
  3. becoming a much better GM (though the players in my current game assure me I’m doing just fine)
  4. working up some original adventures for my Eberron campaign
  5. adapting some of those adventures for submission to Dungeon magazine.

In addition to sticking to D&D during the next 101 days, I’m also going to blog it pretty thoroughly here. The plan is for me to post one post per day of something related to D&D. Now, the posts don’t have to be strictly about D&D 3.5e. They can be about any of the stated foci above. They also might not be all that useful to others, but I want to document my progress. So, I might have a day where I post something like: “Re-read Wizard and Sorcerer classes, feats, and spells.” Hopefully, it won’t be that bad, but I’m not ruling it out, either.

Wish me luck!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: All the posts for the “101 Days” project can be found on this tag archive page, which is bookmarkable for those of you who can’t stand to miss any of the goodness.]