Kitchen Remodel: Day… aw, screw it

No. Our kitchen still isn’t done. No. We’re not sure when it will be. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have forgotten what it’s like to eat a home-cooked meal.

The floor went in last week (see the flickr link at right for some photos). The countertops — which were delayed by almost three weeks — are scheduled to go in next Wednesday (May 25th). THEN, we can put in the dishwasher and sink and whatnot. The kitchen will then be at least fully functional.

We had an actual interior designer come by last night for a “color consultation.” Because our home is basically one big room with some bedrooms and bathrooms hung off of it, fixing up the kitchen and dining room sorta made the living room look shabby. So, we’re going to paint and get some new furniture. More details on that to come.


fabprefab – modernist prefab dwellings is a clearinghouse site for cool prefab housing and design information. I LOVE modernist design and architecture, but I can’t foresee (short of winning the lottery and I rarely play) ever being able to afford an architect-design modernist home. However, I’m excited by the possibility of a prefab modernist home, which should be more affordable (though maybe not as affordable as a similarly-sized stickbuilt house in my area).


So, we’ve been working on the house bit by bit since we moved in three years ago. We’ve painted a number of rooms, installed laminate flooring in about half the house, got cool new bedroom furniture in February, etc. Our third bedroom has been what Wife calls “Steve’s Room” and what I call “The Crap Room.” It’s where the Mac lives, all my flyfishing gear lives, etc. It’s a mess, too, though it has been “re-decorated” at least once.

The mess and just plain disorganizedness of it has been wearing on me for a while now, though. I’m a big believer of the “mess environment, messy mind” theory. So, I wanted to redesign the room to be organized, attractive, useful, and “family friendly,” a new emphasis around our place with the arrival of Daniel.

So, Saturday we ordered some furniture, and I’ve been slowly (over the past few weekends) sorting and categorizing (Keep, Throw Away, Sell/Give Away). Next comes painting and then new furniture. I’ll post pics of the new furniture from the manufacturer’s website (warning: heavy Flash content) over the next few weeks. The furniture will be delivered within 3-8 weeks (what a tight window, huh?).