I’m still working on spiffing up the blog system: archives, permalinks, etc. Today (completely without planning to do so) I added comments using foreword.com’s dotcomments system. It uses PHP and is INCREDIBLY easy to install on a Blogger-based system like mine.

Still working on the archives.

Still working on the archives. Blah. I need to learn more PHP to do what I really want to do. It sucks that my work uses WebCatalog and its proprietary WebDNA (or that WebDNA isn’t more popular — because it’s really easy to use and very flexible), otherwise I’d be a PHP wiz now, instead of a WebDNA wiz. I know the structure of the code that I need in order to do what I want to do, I just don’t know the PHP syntax, and it frustrates me. I need to really start digging in to both PHP and Javascript. Now that Radio Free Arkansas is basically done and due to launch next week, I can start spending a few hours a day learning PHP and more Javascript. That’s the plan, anyway.

Leavin' on a jet plane…

As much as I dislike the Shrub, I’m not sure I’m ready to do this. I mean, I own a house (well, I pay a mortgage and pay to get stuff fixed in the house I inhabit), I have a wife who wouldn’t want to leave since she has actual friends and a job that she likes (though I like mine, okay, too). I don’t speak any other languages (despite four semesters of college French and a wife who’s a high school German teacher), and I’m not sure how many web developers they need in any country where I might possibly want to live. Of the countries that ironminds didn’t discuss, I wish they had explored: Sweden (or any other Scandinavian country): good furnishings, lots of cell phones, doesn’t get as hot as it does here; Iceland: Bjork, cold *and* volcanoes; Japan: SUSHI!, good design, (however, I don’t think you can gain Japanese citizenship, plus I don’t speak Japanese), and maybe a few others (Australia? LOTS of poisonous snakes, blistering heat). Anyway, I’m not leaving, though the idea is worth daydreaming about occasionally.

work projects

Still plugging away on the new project, which is almost finished. The URL is finally active. The site launches August 1st. I’m not sure what’s next. Probably some cleanup and reorganization on our main site, NWAonline.net.