Grand Canyon 2014I’m Steven Jarvis. I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with The Wife (married 25 years!) and The Boy, a teenager. We’re right on the edge of the Ozarks and close to all kinds of great places for fun in the outdoors. It’s also cosmopolitan enough (especially with the University of Arkansas in town) to have stuff to do and see.

Things to know about me:

I’m a big geek. I’m a web designer and developer by day (and sometimes by night).

I’m a musician, For 25 years, I’ve been primarily a (fairly terrible) guitarist; before that, I played electric bass (in rock bands) and percussion (in school band through graduation). These days, my music making is mostly concentrated on playing Clawhammer Banjo, something I’ve been flirting with for nearly 10 years, but have made a much more serious attempt over the last year to learn more and get better. I primarily play Old Time (especially fiddle tunes), but I like to try to play other genres of music, too (especially country and folk).

I’m a naturalist and scouter. I’m an Arkansas Master Naturalist, and I’m especially interested in teaching environmental literacy and outdoor ethics to kids (which I do mainly through Scouting). I’m currently Assistant Scoutmaster in my son’s troop, but I’ve served as Cubmaster, District Training Chair, District Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, and other positions in Scouting. My son earned his Eagle Scout Award earlier this year. I love flyfishing, especially for Smallmouth Bass, and flytying. I also love to paddle and wade our beautiful Ozark streams. I like to watch birds and fish (and other animals).

I’m an table-top gaming enthusiast. I started playing Dungeons & Dragons while at band camp in 1981 and have played off and on ever since, especially since about 2003. My current gaming group that I DM for has been playing D&D5 since it came out. I also play irregularly in another group. In addition to D&D, my other favorite RPGs are Beyond the Wall, The Burning Wheel, Top Secret, and Traveller. I also like playing Euro-style boardgames like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and others. My related hobby is that I like to build gaming terrain for D&D, but I’ve also been getting into playing some tabletop miniature wargames, especially Relicblade.

Thanks for reading!

Should you feel the need, you can contact me at sjarvis@sjarvis.com. You can also follow me on Twitter at @sjarvis and Instagrams as @stevenjarvis.

Updated 2018.10.05