Outdoor Cooking: Mushroom Soup Mix and Creamy Mushroom Rice and Chicken

I’ve long been a fan of Sarah Kirkconnell’s trailcooking.com website. Her “Dehydrating 101” is where I learned how to start dehydrating food for fun and profit (true, except for the profit part). She’s published a fabulous book on freezer bag cooking called, Freezer Bag Cooking. I believe she’s working on a new edition now, but the first edition is well worth reading if you’re interested in making your own freezer bag meals (so MUCH better than Mountain House and the like — and cheaper, too!).

She also has a great blog, Trail Cooking and the Outdoors where she often shares great outdoor cooking recipes.

Last weekend, on the Beaver Patrol’s first Webelos den campout, we made chicken with mushroom rice for dinner. It’s stupid easy, but very car-campy:

Mushroom Rice and Chicken

One big box of Minute Rice,
with enough water MINUS 2 cups,
plus 2 big cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup,
plus 5 cans of chicken.

Directions: Boil the water (minus the 2 c.) with the broth drained from the chicken cans plus the two cans of cream of mushroom soup. You basically make a really thin cream of mushroom soup. When it’s boiling, take off the heat, add the rice and chicken, then stir it all together. Cover, let sit for 15 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes.

Sarah has a backpacking friendly freezer-bag (or one-pot) version that sounds even better. I really need to make some of that mix and try her recipe.