Harry Murray’s “Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass”

When I first started chasing smallmouth with my flyrod, my bible was Harry Murray’s Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, which sadly seems to be out of print (though easily available used through Amazon.com). Murray has a more recent condensed and updated book about flyfishing for smallmouth, but it’s not the same book. It has more recent fly patterns and color photos, but lacks the depth and cool Dave Whitlock illustrations of the first book.

Harry Murray's Fly Fishing for Smallmouth BassThe book is really chock full of advice on fishing for smallmouth in streams and rivers while wading. He breaks down the parts of a stream, and walks you through fishing the different parts.

It’s also full of great fly patterns that I first found here: Murray’s Strymph, James Wood Bucktail, Silver Outcast (my go-to shallow minnow pattern), Murray’s Hellgrammite, and more. I’ll be tying and writing about some of these patterns in the coming weeks.