Transition Time

Back in the ancient times of the intertubes, I blogged here on a pretty regular basis. Most of it was crap, of course. Ephemeral at best. I’ve given up blogging pretty much over the last 5 years or so, with only a handful of posts each year (and half of those are “I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging soon” posts with no followups). Recently, I was reading Anil Dash’s The Web We Lost, and it got me to thinking about blogs and what the web we like 5-10 years ago. It was better in a lot of ways and people communicated in typically longer posts (no Facebook, no Twitter) — with or without comments. I’d like to get back to doing more writing, and all of that conspired to get me to relaunch this thing. I thought about starting a whole new blog at another location, but I think I’m going to stick to this spot, which has been my home online for over 10 years now. But, I AM going to reboot things.

NOTE: Nope. I sure didn’t.