And slowly the flyboxes are filled

I haven’t tied flies seriously in, well, longer than I’d like to think. Six years? Nine years? A long damned time in any event. But, now that I’m getting back into flyfishing, I’ve discovered that my flyboxes are inadequately filled. They are dangerously low, especially the trout box, but the white bass, smallmouth, lake/pond largemouth, and panfish boxes are slim, too. So, it’s time to start reloading them over the winter.

3 RFSN fliesI’ve discovered that my eyes aren’t what they used to be. So, I wear “cheaters” (drugstore reading glasses) over my own glasses. I need to tie bigger flies, maybe.

So, tonight I started with three Red Fox Squirrel Nymphs, one of my favorite Dave Whitlock patterns. I love a LOT of his patterns, and you’ll see a lot of them on this blog in the future. But, I need some crossover panfish/trout nymphs, and I’ve always like the RFSN in all it’s permutations. These are simple unweighted nymphs. The only bit of fancy is I tied them on TMC 600R curved nymph hooks. I just like the look of nymphs tied on that hook.

It’s a start.