We've moved

After nine years in our great little mid-century modern, we’ve moved a few miles east. We’re still in Fayetteville, though, and plan to stay here forever. We wanted a few more amenities (garage, mudroom, more space, etc.) and a neighborhood with more kids that are The Boy’s age.

Packing almost the entire house in three days was exhausting — I had NO idea we had that much crap packed into that little house — and unpacking has been extremely tedious. Not only do you have to unpack it, but then you have to decide where to put it! We’re getting there, though. We’ve only got about 30 or so boxes to unpack, and much of that is just stuff we don’t use all that often (holiday decorations, etc.).

I’ll post some pics once I get some taken. The last three weeks have been a whirlwind, but I want to get some taken while the trees are in their full fall drag.