So, The Boy and I are deep in the grips of a serious LEGO addiction. Surprisingly for anyone who knows my background, I didn’t get that involved in LEGO as a kid. Seems like a perfect fit, but it just never happened. I guess I spent all my money on Star Wars figures. But, now that The Boy is old enough (more or less), I get to live out the LEGO life I didn’t as a kid.

The interwebs are a great place for finding LEGO info, LEGO toys themselves, and communities of people dedicated to making cool stuff with LEGO. My favorite LEGO-related blog is Brothers Brick. They’re plugged into all sorts of LEGO stuff, and they post a lot of the best new LEGO MOCs.

We’re starting with the recent (2007/2008) LEGO Castle series, often dubbed “Fantasy Castle” because it’s got dwarves, undead (skeletons, anyway), wizards (good and bad), and trolls/goblins/orcs as well as humans. There are hints Elves are coming soon, too. This, of course, ties into my lurve of the D&D as well. I like to build and The Boy likes to play with them, though there’s overlap in both directions, of course. I think I’ll use the minifigs as miniatures in my new D&D 4E game, too.

In any event, there will likely be images of LEGO we’ve made here or at my Flickr site (see above row of pics). It’s good clean fun for boys of all ages. Girls, too, probably, though our girl’s not so interested.

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