One (of many) reasons I left academia

This WSJ piece about a clearly insane prof at Dartmouth represents just one of the reasons I left academia 15 years ago. Go read it. I’ll wait.

See? That’s some crazy shit, no? I saw the grad student version of that ALL the time, and I went to podunk little grad schools where they weren’t quite as well-versed in bullshit theories.

I remember an eye-opening conversation with a female grad student who stated that, flat-out, every bad thing ever was invented and perpetrated by men – war, guns, poverty, racism, etc. It was breathtaking in that she sorta tossed it off casually in conversation as if everyone standing around her bought into that. Now, I’m not necessarily arguing that she’s WRONG, mind you, it was the follow-up that men have never produced anything GOOD that sent me over the edge. I’m not sure how women are responsible for all benevolent scientific knowledge, art, and beauty in the world, but she sure believed it.

As a (sometimes) good liberal, I felt pretty guilty about not subscribing wholesale to the “white men are the root of all evil” argument I found quite prevalent in graduate school. But, As an actual white man, I often felt like I was put on the defensive about all sorts of crap. Maybe that’s just my racial, genderal (new word! I should be in academia!)guilt coming out. I dunno.

I would have loved to be in crazy prof’s class at Dartmouth, though. I’ll bet it was entertaining as hell.

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