Wasteland: the best comic series you're not reading

WastelandWasteland may be my new favorite comic. I was just turned on to it today, and I’m reading the first trade right now (there are two). While perusing it in the comics shop, I was thinking, “Damn. This is good. Who wrote this?” So I look at the front: Antony Johnston. That explains it. I first heard of him when he wrote the third Queen & Country: Declassified (Nicky Poole’s). Now I need to read all of Wasteland then hunt down the rest of his work. Read it.

UPDATE: I’ve finished the entire run and am eagering awaiting the next issue (#14 — due out soon). It’s great. If you like sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, zombies, mutants, deserts, politics, religion, or just about anything, you’ll like this. But NONE of that describes what it’s about (other than post-apocalyptic).


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