The Tervis Tumbler

[Tervis Tumbler]I’ve heard about Tervis tumblers for a long time, but I’ve never pulled the trigger on a set because they’re not cheap, and I didn’t want to take a chance on something via mailorder like that.

I should have.

I stumbled upon them the other day at Bed, Bath and Beyond, so I bought a 16 oz. tumbler to try it out. It is now my favorite cup. I like to have a cold drink with me while I’m working, but nearly all our other glasses and cups shed buckets of condensation, which gets all over my desk. I was looking for a drinking vessel that didn’t produce so much condensation AND helped keep my drinks cold, and now I have!

The Tervis Tumbler is it! They’re sorta retro-cool AND they really work (which is the important part). They come in few different sizes, and you can get lids/straws for them, which is great for travel or for kids. You can also get them with sports team logos and other stuff on them, too. Mine are plain. They’d make excellent Xmas presents. I wouldn’t mind a whole set of them (16 oz., please!).

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