full-time freelancing: after six months

So, after six months, I’m still doin’ it. That says something right there. The summer was a bit slow at times, and my resolve wavered a tiny bit, but I persevered. At the moment, I’ve got a backlog of about 3-4 weeks of work, and I’m meeting with a potential new client tomorrow. If that one goes, I’ll be a solid 4 weeks out. Not bad.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about getting started. I’ve gotten some perspective on that since. Regarding needing an office, I decided not to get an office. The summer was a little rough what with The Wife home every day (she’s a teacher) and The Boy home two days a week (he goes to preschool MWF during the summer). I didn’t get much done on the TTh days, but business was a little slow, and it worked out. Next summer I may have to get an office. But, for now, with everyone back in school full time, I’m happy working at home.

My workflow fu has gotten stronger, but still needs work. I need to get fully back on the GTD wagon. I think one of the truths about GTD is that it really DOES work, but you have to do it ALL for it to work well. Doing it half-assed (like I do it) leaves you with a lot of open loops (in GTD parlance).

In any event, I’m enjoying the challenges and benefits of working for myself. I’m planning to stick it out for the forseeable future.

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