Promotional items

So, I’m looking at getting some promotional items for the bidness (especially some custom stickers). Mostly, I want to have stickers for our cars, and The Boy is sticker crazy these days. But, I’ve also considered getting custom labels for the few times I have to snail mail things. My handwriting is teh suck, so having kudzu design labels would be extra snazzy.

The problem, of course, is that custom stickers tend to be expensive. Frontier Label seems to have pretty decent prices (and their website doesn’t suck, which is a definite plus for me), and — perhaps most importantly — you can do different designs in the same order, which would allow me to either do a few different ones or maybe team up with some other people who need stickers.

I’d also like to get some T-shirts done, and maybe some beer coasters (“biscuits”) if I can find a place that’ll do them. I’m also going to need a graphic for the glass door at the new office. Yes, I’m getting an office — details to follow soon!

If you have actual personal experience (or good second-hand experience), hook a brotha up, won’t you? Call now! Our lines are open!

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