new business cards arrive (finally!)

new business cardsFinally! My new business cards arrived today! They look snazzy (if I do say so myself), and the printing looks great. I got them from

See more on the first two screwed-up batches from another printer after the jump.

This saga started several weeks ago. Since I was quitting my job to freelance full-time, I wanted to get some new business cards printed. A friend at work who does all the graphics work for his church recommended (no linky for you!). Their business cards looked nice, so I placed an order. When I received it, it was wrong: the colors were bad, the backs were randomly miscolored (it’s suppose to be green, but some of then were inexplicably orange), and the corners weren’t rounded. I figured I was getting what I had paid for, so I chalked it up to a lesson learned.

I asked for a refund and started looking around for another printer. Instead of refunding my money, they reprinted them, noting especially the rounded corners request, etc. A few days later, they arrived, with — wait for it — no rounded corners, even though the box had printed on it in big letters “ROUNDED CORNERS.” To add insult to injury the colors were off again AND the backs randomly had splotches of BLUE on them. Seriously. So, I emailed them again, asking for a refund. I got a somewhat apologetic email back with instructions on how to CALL to get my Return Merchandise Authorization. Really? Return the crappy cards? So I called the number, which was a RECORDING. Said recording told me to leave my contact info and they’d get back to me in a few days.

Nearly two weeks later, and nada. It was just $17, so I’m done and chalking it up as a good (and cheap) lesson learned.

In any event, the order from was delivered superfast and the cards look great. I’ll definitely be dealing with them again.

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  1. Thanks for this info. I had overnightprints bookmarked as an option for a test print of my business cards but I will for sure try print100.

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