Full-time Freelancing: after two weeks (more or less)

Working for myself full-time has been an adjustment, but I’m working things out, and I’ve learned a few things so far:

I need an office. Working at home results in my being always at work AND always at home. I need a schedule to keep myself disciplined.

My workflow fu is weak. My workflow for my freelance work is a bit haphazard. I think that partially comes from not having enough time to examine it, as I was too busy working. With a little (little bit of breathing room this week, I’ve been able to do a little examining. It’s not pretty. But, it IS getting better.

Sitting down with an accountant can be a sobering experience. It was good, but a bit bracing in some respects. But, I have a better picture of what I need to do now, so it’s definitely a good thing. Much better NOW than later.

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