Kitchen Remodel: Day 16

The electrical is DONE!

Well, we still have a couple of light fixtures to install, but they won’t be here for another couple of weeks and we probably won’t even put them up until after painting, anyway.

We got appliances this weekend. The fridge is operational. All I had to do was run the water line for the ice and water dispenser. It’s awesome having filtered ice (cubed and crushed) and water in the door. So nice.

The microwave/hood will be professionally installed this week. The sales guy at Lowe’s told The Wife that I’d have “no problem” installing the dishwasher myself. Now, I consider myself decently handy around the house, but I am in no way qualified to install a dishwasher. Hopefully, that will be done this week, too, so we can wash dishes (even if we don’t have a sink).

Pics at the usual place.

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