Kitchen Remodel: Day 1

Our old kitchen is GONE. See pics up on the Flickr. They:

  • Tore out our cabinets,
  • Tore out our bar and built-in desk (both of which will be replaced),
  • Replaced our kitchen window,
  • Replaced our sliding glass door in the dining room,
  • Moved the laundry closet door (an ancient accordion door) to a different part of the house where a similar but damaged door hung to replace the broken one,
  • (mostly) put in some bi-fold doors on the laundry closet, and
  • ripped out a wall of paneling that we’re having sheetrocked.

Tomorrow, they’ll finish up the laundry closet doors, replace a chunk of the floor decking that was water damaged (thanks to our leaky but soon-to-be-replaced dishwasher), fine-tune the new sliding glass door and screen door, and rip out our crappy sheet linoleum floor. I think that’s it.

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