Q1 Resolution results are mixed

I’ll say right off the top that my Q1 resolutions were way too ambitious. That being said, I made a little headway. I’ll have the Q2 resolutions up by April 1st.

  • eat better:: eh. I did technically eat better, but I need to do better still. I lost about 5 lbs. in the first quarter. I plan to lose 20 lbs in Q2, mostly by eating better. We’ll see how it goes. I’m getting back on the whole grains – fruits – vegetables – lean meats bandwagon. We’re about to start remodeling our kitchen, so maybe I’ll eat more salads (since I won’t have a working stove).
  • exercise more: yeah, right. I can blame it on the bad weather all day, but the truth is that I’m just lazy. I’ve stepped it up a little, though, and I hope to continue that. I’m shooting for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.
  • read more good stuff: Sorta happened. I read six novels in Q1, though only one or two might qualify as “literature.” Still, I’d call this one a success.
  • get offline more: I got at least one “computer-free” weekend in, and reduced my time online on other weekends. Weekdays were still pretty busy, though.
  • sleep more: Not enough.
  • Go fishing!: Not NEARLY enough. But, I did spend more time tying flies and at least THINKING about fishing. I should be able to achieve this goal in Q2, so it’s staying on the list.
  • make some music: Didn’t happen, but I’m okay with it. I got to express some creativity via some other outlets, so I’m okay with it. Not a focus for Q2, either.

So, overall, I’d give myself a D+ for Q1. Let’s see if I can improve in Q2. Those resolutions coming up soon.

2 thoughts on “Q1 Resolution results are mixed”

  1. I’d count six novels–of any sort–as a resounding success for “read more good stuff.” I’m sad to see that “make some music” isn’t a goal for Q2, since I want to collaborate with you on some tracks. I wish you better luck in Q2 on all the health-related stuff. And, though posting to your blog probably runs counter to “get offline more” (you should have used an ordered list on these, you know?), it’s nice to see a post from you once in a while.

    I need to do a post just like this one for my own blog, but I’m waiting until the official end of Q1 to do it (which gives me another week to drop this 3.5 lbs I gained over spring break).

  2. Wheat: “Make more music” isn’t a resolution, but it doesn’t mean I CAN’T or WON’T do it. :) I didn’t use an ordered list because they aren’t ranked; they’re of equal importance. And thanks for the urge to blog more. I always intend to, then don’t much. Maybe it SHOULD be a resolution. :)

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