site update: feeds and tags

I don’t make many posts discussing this site much anymore, but I thought it was worth pointing out a couple of new cool features here.

  • tags: I’ve done away with categories on the front end and the site is now organized by tags (cf. Folksonomy). The “tag archive” linked in the right sidebar will take you to a page with a weighted tag cloud of all the tags used on this site. The relative weight will show you what I tend to write about more (or less) here. I find it a good way to see how things go around here. Also, something cool: you can cross-reference tags here: enter something like “” and get all the posts I’ve written (well, just one, actually) that are tagged with BOTH “rpg” and “podcast” tags.
  • feeds: in addition to the new tag-based organizational system, there are rss feeds for each tag. Look for the newly-annointed “official” feed icon on the individual tag archive pages for rss2 feeds for individual tags. Each can be manually set to other feed formats (well, rss and atom, anyway) as well by altering the fairly obvious URL (changing “” to “” for instance).
  • other site updates: one of my resolutions is to redesign the site so that it’s not (a) mostly based on someone else’s design and (b) not fugly. I am, after all, an actual web designer/developer by trade. I should, you know, show that on my own site, right? Well, it’s in the works.

One thought on “site update: feeds and tags”

  1. Hmm… tag feeds, yummy, yummy! I’m trying to access but it comes out blank?

    Regarding the site design, I visit it directly through my feed aggregator, which takes me directly to the individual posts. It would be cool to have a version of the right sidebar for these pages too, where we can (at least) check the titles of all the more recent posts or something, without having to click on the link for the main page and then scrolling up and down through everything. Hey, but if it’s suposed to be a simple minimal design, what the hell; it’s just fine this way! :)

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