101 Days of D&D: regarding D&D's magic system

There’s an interesting thread on RPG.net right now about D&D’s magic system. I go back and forth, loving and hating D&D’s magic system, personally. We’ve toyed with the idea of spell points (a la Unearthed Arcana) and other alternative magic systems, but for now are sticking with the core system. The thread covers a lot of the pros and cons of the D&D system. Definitely worth checking out.

One thought on “101 Days of D&D: regarding D&D's magic system”

  1. Hmm, interesting read… I do like his comment about D&D magic seeming more magical because it’s not systematic. There are also certain benefits of fire and forget. But on the surface, I strongly dislike fire and forget. I also dislike how dominant casters get.

    I like the system in Arcana Unearthed/Evolved somewhat better. It still has the problems of caster dominance (perhaps even worse because an iconic type of party with 2 casters will have MUCH more flexible offensive magic than the iconic Cleric and Wizard). It’s flexibility also makes magic defense problematical.

    I’m constantly drawn back to Cold Iron for having a magic system that stresses support of the fighters, with a very workable spell point system. RuneQuest is also a nice draw, but it really minimizes spell casting.


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