Reborn Mac mini set to take over the living room

Think Secret has a story today (Road to Expo: Reborn Mac mini set to take over the living room) about rumors of Apple launching a set-top Mac mini at Apple Expo next month. I’ve been waiting to upgrade my ailing 1st generation TiVo and ailing DVD player, and now it looks like maybe Apple will finally release the thing I’ve been waiting on. If they do, I may sprain my wrist whipping out my wallet.

One thought on “Reborn Mac mini set to take over the living room”

  1. I bet they also come out with a handheld device that plays video on a larger screen than the iPod, which is unsuited for that task (except as proof-of-concept that people will pay $1.99 for reruns). This device (an “AV-pod/iPodAV”?) would also serve as a “control center” for the miniAV. You would basically purchase content through the miniAV where you can watch it (DRM’d) on your set, or you could transfer it wirelessly to your AVpod for portable consumption.

    Apple hates to say ‘PDA,’ but this device could provide that functionality as well.

    That’s my guaranteed 99.872% accurate prediction.

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