101 Days of D&D: web resources for D&D GMs #1

Administrivia: VERY busy this week with work projects, freelance projects, and planning a trip to KC this weekend to get the MINI serviced and do some Christmas shopping, so I’m going to hammer out a few short posts for “101 Days…”, though I’ve got a couple of longer posts percolating around the ol’ noggin. I realized I need to pace myself with this project. I’m only two weeks into a 12-13 week project. First up: the first in a limited edition mini-series about web resources for D&D GMs.

  • Save My Game: is Jason Nelson-Brown’s weeklyesque column at the official D&D website about advice for DMs who are having problems in their campaigns. Many of the topics come from posts on the D&D forums where DMs have asked the community for help with a particular problem she is having in her campaign. I don’t always agree with Nelson-Brown, but his columns always give me something to think about in regards to my D&D campaign, and he has helped save my bacon at least once. In some upcoming posts about particular topics (as opposed to particular resources — the othe axis), I’ll have more to say about some particular columns. In the meantime, his column is a good place to start when you’re having problems with a D&D campaign — or a good place to skim and read BEFORE you start having problems.