"Impossibly small."

[iPod nano photo]So, I pulled the trigger on an iPod nano today. I sold my old(er) iPod on the eBay, and bought the nano. “Impossibly small” doesn’t even begin to cover it! It just doesn’t even seem real. I love it when Apple knocks one out of the park with no rumor leakage like this.

5 thoughts on “"Impossibly small."”

  1. It’s very small. It’s very cool. It’s almost TOO small. I forget it’s in my pocket sometimes. That will result in it getting scratched, I imagine. I’ll probably get some sort of skin or something for it.

    I need some USB 2.0 capability, though. USB 1.1 loading/unloading is, well, slow. VERY slow. But, not quite as bad as I feared it would be. In any event, I don’t miss my 20GB iPod.

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