meme of the unknown blogger

Okay, so this meme started here thence to Tim Samoff thence to Shepcat thence to Wheat thence, well, here.

Though he’d be a likely candidate for tagging as well, I’m going to point your attention to Allen’s blog, Confessions of a Pretentious Mind. He writes about all kinds of stuff, especially movies, books, food, music, and himself, all of which (yes, even himself!) he makes interesting. Maybe it’s just that we have very similar tastes in those things, but I very much look forward to each of his posts, even if they’ve (ahem) slacked off a bit of late. I’m looking forward to having Allen as a co-worker starting in 13 days, too.

I’ll pass the baton to both Jack and Pete, both of whom should having something interesting to point out.

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