The Apple Mighty Mouse

A. Cool name. B. MUST HAVE IT.

Oh, I need to say more?

Here are the things about the Mighty Mouse:

  1. They surprised the hell out of everybody. It’s fun to see Apple occasionally staying one step ahead of the rumor sites. I mean, sure, everyone knew Apple had to be working on some sort of advanced mouse device.
  2. In typical Apple fashion, they took the concept (two-button scroll mouse) and completely Apple-ized it: touch sensitive “buttons”, “squeeze buttons”, and “scroll ball” thingy. Plus, completely programmable.
  3. Great price: $49
  4. I wonder why no Bluetooth. Of course, being an owner of an Apple Bluetooth Mouse, I know that they suck batteries down like Homer on cheap beer. A Bluetooth Mighty Mouse would likely be ten times worse.

Plus, I’m a total slut for Apple.

UPDATE 2005.08.15

Got the Mighty Mouse on Friday. Still tweaking it and my mousing style. I know, I know. If a mouse makes you re-examine and/or change how you mouse, it’s probably not a good thing. But, I have sort of a freaky mousing style (left-handed, but use the right-handed left/right click mapping). If I DIDN’T do that, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mighty Mouse. But, because of how the click detection works and how the Primary click overrides the Secondary click, I sometimes left click (primary) when I mean to right click (Secondary). So, I’m still working out the kinks. Otherwise, I really like the scroll ball and the general feel of the mouse.