No Emmys for Battlestar Galactica

Well, the Emmy nominations are out and Battlestar Galactica got rooked. I love SciFi. But, even if you don’t, BG is an incredibly well-done series. Great characters, great character development, a very intriguingly-put-together “sci fi” universe, great acting. Great, great, great. Really. Give it a shot. Season 2 starts Friday night (7/15) on the SciFi Network. Watch it, then watch Monk on USA Network. Monk’s star, Tony Shaloub, DID get an Emmy nomination this year (he’s won at least once for that role), and this week’s episode marks the return of guest star John Turturro as Monk’s equally-oddball brother, Ambrose Monk, whose first appearance a couple of seasons ago was maybe the best single episode of the series to date. Friday on cable is the real “Must See TV.”

4 thoughts on “No Emmys for Battlestar Galactica”

  1. NBC replayed an episode and then I’m guessing the two hour season finale of 1st season last week. That was the first time I’d sat through the whole thing. Really a very well put together show. I’ll be watching season two for sure.

  2. And ironically, that’s the only way you can see BG in HD, because, even though they film it in HD, SciFi doesn’t broadcast in HD, but NBC (a corporate sibling of SciFi) does. I, of course, don’t have an HD tv, but I hear it looked fantastic. :)

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